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Eliminate barriers to energy-saving upgrades with affordable financing options.

When a business or consumer realizes the need for energy efficiency improvements, time is of the essence—but in many cases, funds are not readily available.

Unfortunately, the inability to make crucial upgrades often burdens families with high energy bills and uncomfortable living conditions. Businesses can experience hits to their bottom line while facing capital constraints, split incentives, and other barriers to investment.

It’s time to unlock new energy savings potential with affordable financing options.

Slipstream’s Energy Finance Solutions (EFS) group designs programs that make energy-saving upgrades easy and affordable for homeowners and businesses. Since 1996, EFS has worked tirelessly to advance low-interest financing solutions for utilities, state agencies, and municipalities—helping more than 50,000 consumers and businesses access $500 million in funds for energy efficiency improvements.

Partner with EFS for unsurpassed service. We offer:

  • Energy financing program design and administration
    • Turn-key and customized programs
  • Capital sourcing and management
    • Escrow account management, payment processing, and loan loss reserve
  • Full-service loan origination and processing
    • On-bill, traditional unsecured, and secured loans
    • Customizable online portal for customers, contractors, and clients
  • Commercial PACE program administration
  • Comprehensive suite of services
    • Income qualification
    • Contractor management and training
    • Marketing, call center, and more

EFS makes it easy to add a financing component to nearly any energy efficiency program offering. We take care of all the details—helping your customers make smart energy efficiency and renewable energy projects come to life.

Energy Finance Solutions