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Industrial refrigeration systems: strategies to improve energy efficiency

February 18  •  WPPI Energy, 1425 Corporate Center Drive, Sun Prairie, WI 53590
Available credits: BOC, BOMI, RETA
There are many no cost strategies to improve the energy efficiency of industrial refrigeration systems. Join us to learn how to run your industrial refrigerated systems better with simple changes to reduce energy consumption while meeting refrigeration load. This half-day workshop is geared for customers with custom refrigerated systems including cold storage and refrigerated warehouses.
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Electrical energy savings opportunities in metals manufacturing

March 19  •  Online course
Is your metals manufacturing facility in need of an energy efficiency upgrade but additional cost is preventing you from making the change? Join us for an overview of cost-effective strategies and technologies to consider in a metals manufacturing facility to reduce operating costs and improve profitability. Learn about several common energy and efficiency improvements associated with general motor driven equipment, compressed air, pumps, cooling, dust collection and combustion fans, welders, machining equipment, lighting, and more.

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