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Integrative design process for high-performance teams

September 23  •  , Online course
Available credits: AIA, GBCI
The Integrative Design Process (IDP) has the potential to radically change the way building design and construction decisions are made and improve project success and efficacy. However, integrative design projects don’t often succeed due to poor team structure. How can you create a successful integrative design team? We help you differentiate between traditional design processes and an integrative project process. We offer a sharp, new understanding of team integration and provide clear steps to optimize facilitation of project teams. You will hear from a successful project’s team members and stakeholders as they present principles of high-performing teams, potential challenges, and offer tips to a successful integrative design process.
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HVAC technology enhancements for energy conservation

November 7  •  Online course
Available credits: AFE, BOC, BOMI, WI-DSPS
Ryan Hoger discusses a variety of energy-saving HVAC technologies and optimization considerations.
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Energy efficiency for the chemicals industry

November 14  •  Online course
Presented by Tom Tucker and hosted by ComEd.
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The second lighting revolution: Networked lighting controls

December 17  •  Online course
Available credits: BOC, BOMI

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