Making Energy-saving Installations Quick and Easy

When your business customers are in need of new gas- or electric-using products and equipment, ensure they opt for energy efficient models with the help of a Slipstream-designed and delivered prescriptive program. We make it a breeze for you, your end-use customers, and trade allies to participate—helping you achieve savings goals within budget, reducing operational costs for your end-use customers, and increasing business opportunities for program partners.

Strategically Selected Measures and Incentives

During the program design phase, we conduct market research in your service territory to determine which measures make the most sense for your service territory—and the incentive amounts required to drive your business customers to install those measures. Our engineers are experts in the commercial lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, compressed air, agribusiness, and renewable energy equipment your customers require. We incentivize the most cutting-edge, cost-effective products and equipment to maximize energy and financial savings for your customers. And, our work doesn’t stop there. We continuously look for new measures and opportunities for our clients to add, remove, or modify as technologies evolve and programs mature—all while ensuring a positive return for you and your customers. 

Trade Ally Networks That Work For You

The success of Slipstream’s commercial prescriptive programs is due in great part to the robust network of trade allies we build in your service territory. We recruit, educate, and engage skilled consultants confident in selling the most current, cost-effective energy-saving equipment. Our outreach/field staff develops strong relationships with trade allies throughout the implementation phase—leading them to call on Slipstream as their go-to resource for questions regarding technologies, program requirements, and more. We make participating in the program as simple as possible, including straightforward applications and rapid turnaround times for incentive processing—giving trade allies the tools and motivation to proactively and effectively sell program-qualified equipment to your customers.