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U.S. Department of Energy integrated controls study

Deep energy savings. Lower installation and commissioning costs. All commercial building types. It’s time to move beyond lighting replacements. Continue reading
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Adsorbent air cleaning systems

Do adsorbent air cleaning systems deliver on all that they claim? We test them to find out. Continue reading

Minnesota Commercial Baseline Study

This page describes the Minnesota Commercial Energy Baseline and Market Characterization Study. For questions about the project, please contact Jeannette LeZaks at 608.210.7156 or Continue reading
Examining Potential for Prepay

Examining Potential for Prepay as an Energy Efficiency Program in Minnesota

Although prepaid electricity is common in some regions of the world, it is relatively new to the US. But there is a growing interest in finding out whether paying for your electricity use in advance would change or reduce your overall consumption. Could an energy efficiency program capture energy savings simply by changing when you pay your bill from after use to before? Continue reading

Future Electric Utility Regulation Series

A series of reports from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory taps leading thinkers to grapple with complex regulatory issues for electricity. Learn more. Continue reading

Will distributed energy end the utility natural monopoly?

In this article featured in Electricity Policy, Steve Corneli and Steve Kihm discuss how continued improvements in distributed energy resources may erode or even end the natural monopoly characteristics of electric distribution utilities. Continue reading

Q&A: How regulators can improve clean energy economics for utilities

Steve Kihm, chief economist at Slipstream, and Andy Satchwell, a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researcher, say regulators have economic levers at their disposal that can guide utilities toward green energy development while improving returns for shareholders. Read more. Continue reading

ISEIF Surge Series: The human side of Smart Grid

Podcast and summary courtesy of the Illinois Science & Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF). Continue reading

ACEEE 2016: Considering Risk and Investor Value in Energy Efficiency Business Models

Continue reading

Corporate finance and sustainability

By Steven Kihm, Slipstream and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Peter Cappers, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Andrew Satchwell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and Elisabeth Graffy, Arizona State University Continue reading