The Brewery Parking Structure

Performance of an LED Lighting System in a Parking Application This project characterizes the energy savings possible through the use of LED lighting in a parking application, with a connected load reduction of perhaps 60 percent compared to metal halide lighting, and a further energy savings in operation of 45 percent through the use of daylighting controls and motion sensors. Report number: 265-1 Continue reading

Energy Efficiency Guidebook for Public Power Communities

The Energy Efficiency Guidebook is a comprehensive resource for community-owned electric and gas utilities. Funded by the Energy Foundation, the guidebook serves as a roadmap for energy efficiency program planning and provides step-by-step recommendations for program design, implementation, tracking and evaluation. It includes basic spreadsheet tools for assessing energy efficiency potential and analyzing program cost-effectiveness. It also includes links to other resources that are available to support the program planning and implementation process. Continue reading

Field Study of Exterior Duct Leakage in New Wisconsin Homes

  Published: 2008 This report summarizes a field study of exterior duct leakage in 19 new Wisconsin homes. The goals of the study were to quantify duct leakage in homes with exterior duct runs and to compare several methods for assessing duct leakage. Report number: 243-1 Continue reading

Energy Efficiency and Customer-Sited Renewable Energy: Achievable Potential in Wisconsin 2006-2015

Technical analysis of options for investment in energy efficiency and customer-sited renewable energy as an alternative to electric generation and natural gas usage prepared on behalf of the Governor's Task Force on Energy Efficiency and Renewables. Report number: 236-1 and 236-2 Continue reading

Energy and Housing in Wisconsin: A Study of Single-Family Owner-Occupied Homes

This is the residential characterization study—the first and most complete picture of energy use and energy efficiency in Wisconsin housing. Continue reading

Statewide Technical and Economic Potential Study

In our Statewide Technical and Economic Potential Study, we estimated potential savings from energy efficiency measures in Wisconsin over a 20 year period in the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.  Continue reading