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Energy and Housing in Wisconsin: A Study of Single-Family Owner-Occupied Homes

This is the residential characterization study—the first and most complete picture of energy use and energy efficiency in Wisconsin housing.

  • Established a baseline of energy use and verified the energy savings potential of the Wisconsin housing stock
  • Contributed to national discussions about the cost effectiveness of the inclusion of programmable thermostats in publicly funded energy efficiency programs
  • Focus on Energy was able to build successful energy efficiency programs for Wisconsin’s homeowners and renters
  • Data from our studies is currently being used to validate energy modeling software

Examines the energy characteristics and attitudes of single-family, owner-occupied homes in Wisconsin, based on audits and interviews. Results cover energy use and cost, energy saving opportunities, homeowner attitudes and behaviors, comfort, safety, and home energy ratings. Appendices are included.

Volume 2 provides statistics and tabulations of data used in Volume 1 of the report. Includes data that was collected onsite, as well as survey results.

Report number: 199-1 and 199-2