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City of Providence building energy code compliance process review

Code compliance: the only path to energy savings from advanced codes

Many cities lean on advanced building energy codes to meet climate action plan goals. Energy savings that drive reduced emissions and bill savings for businesses and consumers are two great benefits. But are all buildings under construction following code? The City of Providence, RI partnered with Slipstream to find out.

Slipstream determined that the average compliance rate for commercial buildings in Providence is 77%, while residential compliance is 89%. As a result of not being in full compliance, the city is missing out on energy savings. Over 20 years, full compliance could deliver energy savings of 93,000 MWh and 8 M therms of savings from commercial buildings, and 6,400 MWh and 1.1 million therms of savings from residential buildings.

Our research team provided Providence with strategies to increase compliance rates. We identified opportunities to overcome code compliance barriers and assessed the potential energy savings from improved compliance.

Learn more about the methodology, research findings, and recommendations in the final report.