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Cooperative and Municipality Programs in the Digital Future: Insight into incorporating smart devices in small-scale energy efficiency programs. More
We conducted an in-depth study of 100 high energy consumption homes in Minnesota. The goal was to help conservation program managers better understand the factors contributing to high usage, quantify the energy savings potential associated with common conservation measures, and identify program strategies that could be used to effectively target those opportunities. This study was funded by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources. (Also known as the high energy user study.) More
Residential lighting programs are just as crucial to achieve overall energy savings for small utilities’ energy efficiency programs as for large utilities. WECC, a national leader in retail lighting program design and implementation, has extensive experience delivering programs of all sizes throughout the United States. More
ACEEE 2016 paper by Scott Schuetter, Saranya Gunasingh and Doug Ahl. More
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Summary of findings from task tuning research. More
Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems have developed into a promising emerging technology. While popular in some places in the world, these systems are quite new to the upper Midwest. The systems are an innovative version of a simple split system air conditioner that utilizes variable speed compressors, multiple zone refrigerant distribution, heat recovery, and low energy fan coils to cool and heat commercial buildings more efficiently than standard split systems and heat pumps. More