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The energy savings potential in the commercial and industrial sector is enormous—which means getting your business customers to adopt or install energy efficient equipment is key to reducing demand and meeting your annual savings goals. Our team knows what optimizes businesses of any size and type—and how to make energy efficiency easy and affordable. From our in-house engineers to our broad and established network of trade allies, we understand the methods, systems, and equipment necessary to cost-effectively implement a portfolio of commercial energy-saving programs.

We will determine the right mix of measures for your program and service territory or community, assess your customers’ facilities, help them understand and evaluate existing equipment, recommend appropriate upgrades, determine savings potential, and guide them through the installation process to realize maximum energy savings. 
With Slipstream on your side, your customers start saving energy right from the start—and will reap the rewards for years to come. Let Slipstream design and implement programs that will save your commercial, industrial, government, and agribusiness customers energy and money—leading to a successful and cost-effective energy efficiency program portfolio.