Larkin Mosscrop

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Larkin serves as a research and project manager at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. She engages in in-school programming, teaching for the society, and speaking to communities about nuclear science and technology.

Larkin is a Ph.D. candidate in the school of public policy at the University of Regina, where she studies science, particularly energy and climate change, curriculum, and policy. Before moving into social sciences, Larkin studied ecology at the University of Ottawa, earning an honors degree. She received her MS degree from Queen’s University.

In addition to her dedication to environmental and nuclear science, Larkin’s interests include leadership, communication, and science literacy. She is a technical subject matter expert with a wide range of experience, including research, fieldwork, teaching, and project management.

Larkin’s appointment to the Slipstream board will help broaden Slipstream’s view to include more international perspectives.