Wisconsin commercial building code for low-rise residential application: Do you measure up?

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Multifamily projects present unique code compliance challenges. The residential code for one and two family unit homes does not apply – you have to switch to the commercial code for these larger projects. There are mandatory energy calculations that often get missed. There’s slab edged insulation and more. How do some of the changes in Wisconsin’s commercial code affect your multifamily projects? Join us as we explore how Wisconsin’s code has changed. We’ll show you multiple calculation methods you can use to meet the energy code. Our instructor, a code official himself, will share the problem areas he runs into over and over in the field. We’ll walk you through real-world scenarios. We’ll share methods that have been approved to help you meet code, and show you how to apply these approaches to help you meet code more efficiently. 

This class qualifies for the following credits:
Commercial Building Inspector Certification