Making the case for ongoing commissioning (Xcel Energy Virtual Energy Efficiency Forum, Part 1)

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In this course, we’ll demonstrate how many existing buildings can greatly benefit from a simpler form of OCx. Despite the limitations of available data from such buildings, we can perform less sophisticated, but arguably equally beneficial processes to improve building performance. Just as no two buildings are alike—a common refrain in building operations—no two applications of ongoing commissioning should be alike, either. This presentation will detail case studies of buildings that have taken advantage of OCx services. We will cover the processes used, overall best practices, and the benefits of applying these concepts to a variety of buildings. 

This course will also feature two special presentations on: 

  • FOCUS ON ENERGY® programs and incentives update by Bill Lobner of Focus on Energy 
  • PACE Wisconsin financing opportunities by Syed Abbas of Slipstream 
This class qualifies for the following credits: