ComEd Energy Efficiency Program

ComEd Air Source Heat Pumps Training

ComEd Air Source Heat Pumps Training

Education for Transformation

We believe that heat pumps will be used to heat and cool more ComEd customers’ homes in the future and will play a critical role in reducing energy use. We are committed to breaking down barriers and helping transform the heat pump market. One critical priority is for us to help you, our dedicated partners, realize the rapidly growing market opportunity of air source heat pumps (ASHPs) in Northern Illinois. To do so, the ComEd Emerging Technologies Team is bringing heat pump focused trainings to our Energy Efficiency Service Providers.

Now, through 2023, we will bring you nearly 20 free ASHP trainings and learning opportunities. These trainings will be offered through a combination of webinars, lunch and learns, and direct training opportunities.  

Featured Trainings

There are no live trainings coming up this month. We invite you to explore our catalog of on-demand ASHP trainings. Some topics of note include: 

  • ASHPs for Northern Illinois
    Air source heat pumps are great for Illinois customers. Discover how you can add heat pumps to your company’s product line and advance your business. 
  • ASHP Applications
    Get the inside scoop on improvements in heat pump technology. Take a deep dive into the best methods for sizing a system, estimating costs, and ensuring optimal heat pump performance for your customers. 
  • ASHP Value Propositions and Sales Techniques
    Discover the value of air source heat pumps (ASHPs) and how they can solve your customer’s comfort concerns. Use those learnings to make heat pumps an integral part of your business model.  
  • Overcoming Design Challenges and Identifying Opportunities for ASHPs
    Learn how to pick the perfect heat pump for every customer situation – whether equipment replacement or new construction. Explore methods to optimize your system design and installation processes.
  • ASHPs for New Construction
    Learn how to make heat pumps part of your business as a builder or HVAC contractor with a deep dive into how they can support both dual-fuel and all-electric home applications. 

Prize giveaway!

For users registered in the ComEd ASHP training workspace, for each on-demand course you watch between now and March 17, 2023, you will be automatically entered to win one of our three contractor prizes. Each course watched will earn you one entry. Three winners will be randomly selected on March 20, 2023.

Prize Pack Giveaways

Prizes available:

  1. Yellow Jacket Reverse Bender Kit
  2. Yellow Jacket Mini-Split Installation Tool Kit
  3. UEI Dual Port Manometer with Static Pressure Test Kit

Access the on-demand trainings here:

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