Research | December 21, 2018 by Steve Kihm
A series of reports from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory taps leading thinkers to grapple with complex regulatory issues for electricity. Learn more. More
Research | December 21, 2018 by Steve Kihm
In this article featured in Electricity Policy, Steve Corneli and Steve Kihm discuss how continued improvements in distributed energy resources may erode or even end the natural monopoly characteristics of electric distribution utilities. More
Research | December 21, 2018 by
Steve Kihm, chief economist at Seventhwave, and Andy Satchwell, a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researcher, say regulators have economic levers at their disposal that can guide utilities toward green energy development while improving returns for shareholders. Read more. More
Research | December 21, 2018 by Steve Kihm
Podcast and summary courtesy of the Illinois Science & Energy Innovation Foundation (ISEIF). More
Research | December 21, 2018 by Steve Kihm
By Steven Kihm, Seventhwave and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater; Peter Cappers, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Andrew Satchwell, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and Elisabeth Graffy, Arizona State University More
Research | December 21, 2018 by Steve Kihm
If regulators want to steer utility investment toward renewable, sustainable resources, and away from carbon-emitting types, they can apply basic investor value creation concepts when implementing policy. The key consideration is the size of the gap between two rates of return. Read Steve Kihm’s blog post on this topic. More
Slipstream Solution
Solution | December 19, 2018 by
We recommend regulatory policy changes to create a more economically sustainable future. More
Research | June 6, 2016 by Steve Kihm
A paper by Steve Corneli and Steve Kihm, Electric Industry Structure and Regulatory Responses in a High Distributed Energy Resources Future, is featured in LBNL's Lisa Schwartz's blog post in Greentech Media this week (June 6, 2016). More
Research | April 4, 2016 by Steve Kihm
In April 2016, Seventhwave chief economist and principal Steve Kihm's co-authored paper, “You Get What You Pay For: Moving Toward Value in Utility Compensation,” was included in a draft ruling by the California Public Utilities Commission. More