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Careers | January 3, 2019 by
The Program Manager supports the implementation of energy efficiency programs for Slipstream. More
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Careers | December 22, 2018 by
The Process Manager is responsible for defined deliverables within defined budget for a portion of a program or service offered through Slipstream. More
High energy
Research | December 20, 2018 by Scott Pigg
We conducted an in-depth study of 100 high energy consumption homes in Minnesota. The goal was to help conservation program managers better understand the factors contributing to high usage, quantify the energy savings potential associated with common conservation measures, and identify program strategies that could be used to effectively target those opportunities. Watch our three-part video series IN THIS PLAYLIST: More
Apartment building
Research | December 20, 2018 by
We also characterized Wisconsin’s rental sector based on a statewide sample of 180 rental properties, ranging from single-family rental homes to large apartment buildings. The study provided a statistically representative picture of building characteristics, appliances and equipment; benchmarked energy usage; assessed energy efficiency opportunities; and explored linkages between energy efficiency opportunities and knowledge, attitudes and behavior on the part of building tenants, owners and managers. More
Multi family
Research | December 20, 2018 by
We characterized energy use in Minnesota’s multifamily sector and identified untapped energy efficiency opportunities. We also explored energy-related behaviors and attitudes of multifamily building owners and tenants. Our research team sampled 120 buildings across the state; gathered information from building owners and tenants through on-line and mail surveys; and evaluated the payback period of 25 common energy and water savings measures in multifamily housing. More
Happy Holidays!
Blog | December 16, 2018 by Elizabeth Schroeder
It’s the most wonderful time of the year—but also one of the most expensive. Give yourself the gift of energy savings. By making just a few small changes, you could see a big difference on your energy bill. Read on to discover five easy tips and tricks for saving energy this holiday season and beyond! More
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Careers | November 20, 2018 by
The Process Manager is responsible for defined deliverables within defined budget for a portion of a program or service offered through Slipstream. More
Beneficial Electrification
Blog | August 21, 2018 by Elizabeth Schroeder and Justin Margolies
In our 2018 Energy Outlook, we pointed to several emerging trends that are likely to shape our work in the future—including a cleaner grid, local focus, a growing energy storage market, and heat pump technology for space and water heating and cooling. While these developments are exciting on their own, the combination is indicative of a fundamental transformation of the power sector. More
Publication | August 21, 2018 by Elizabeth Schroeder
A presentation on findings from 2015 pilot programs in Wisconsin and Michigan. More
Blog | August 1, 2018 by Alyssa Spiel and Elizabeth Schroeder
Humans have been building homes for thousands of years. However, until fairly recently, we didn’t have the knowledge or technology to understand their inner workings. A home is much more than a simple structure; when it doesn’t work properly, materials and energy are wasted, occupants can feel uncomfortable, and conditions can even be unsafe or unhealthy. More